The Sam Sheppard Murder Case:

A Forensic Examination
Welcome to the page which contains all the information needed for an understanding of the forensic techniques, evidence and errors that were evident in the case of Sam Sheppard, and the murder of his wife Marylin. Entin (2004) says that this was a case that included "murder and mystery, society, sex and suspense" (p. 139). The trials involved in this case were some of the biggest of the century due to the amount of media coverage and influence on the case and became known as both the "trial of the century" and the "retrial of the century. (Entin, 2004). The murder is said to have inspired the popular film "The Fugitive" (1993) starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones as well as an original television series.

The following links contain information about the forensic techniques, evidence as well as errors of the case.

Case Summary

Physical Evidence used in the Forensic Investigation

Overview of the Scientific Nature of evidence

Forensic Techniques employed to detect and process the evidence

Errors and Limitations of forensic science in the case

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